George Rohde
Founder and President

George is the founder and president of Industrial Design Solutions, Inc. His control experience includes over thirty-seven years in the power generation industry. He was a supervisor at Conemaugh Generating Station before joining Honeywell as a lead engineer. George founded IDS in 2002 with a clear vision of providing plants with a cost effective solution for their control system needs. 

Mike Dougherty
VP / Senior Engineer

Mike has been working as a control engineer since 1984. He has worked for Arizona Public Service and Honeywell before joining IDS in 2003. Mike has extensive experience on multiple platforms including Honeywell, Rockwell/Allen-Bradley, Emerson Ovation, OSI-soft, Matrikon, Siemens, Square-D, and Kepware to name a few. Mike is a walking encyclopedia with a vast knowledge of the automation and controls industry.

Cheryl Grenko
Graphics / Database
Pete Edwards
VP of Operations

Pete Edwards is the vice president of operations for Industrial Design Solutions, Inc. Pete specializes in business development and project management, and has more than 11 years of programming and controls experience working with a variety of clients in the electric utilities industry. In addition to providing support for control systems, he has experience with NERC cybersecurity policies, operating systems, and networking both intranet and secure protocols.

Fred Montenegro
Senior Engineer

Fred has been in the industry working as an controls engineer since 1972. He has worked for GE and Honeywell before joining IDS in 2004 . Fred has extensive BMS knowledge and handles all in house BMS programming.  He is also fully versed in NFPA boiler and combustion system hazard codes. 

Cheryl has been in the industry since 1981; joining IDS in 2003. She is the lead graphics designer at IDS; well versed in both new and legacy graphic software packages. With a thorough understanding of the process and controls, she has the ability to work with both operators and engineers to design the best graphics package to meet your needs. Cheryl is also an expert in developing and maintaining project databases.

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