Control Engineering

Here at IDS, we specialize in providing process control solutions for commercial utilities.


Boiler Control Systems

Dependable Boiler Control Systems (BCS) are a key element to effecient power plant operations.

Our proven control strategies take full advantage of distributed architecture capabilities to provide the maximum benefit from the Control System. Features inherent in all control subgroups include:

  • Bumpless transfer between all modes of operation.

  • Automatic transmitter selection when redundant transmitters are used.

  • Intelligent alarming.

  • Device operational balancing biases are memorized.

  • Limit checking of operator inputs to prevent inappropriate commands.

  • Predefined control action upon loss of a process measurement to insure plant safety while maximizing the ability to maintain automatic control.

  • A family of interlocks and overrides to insure safe operation of the plant.



Burner Management Systems

IDS’s standard design for Burner Management Systems (BMS) consists of control implementation standards, which are used as the basis for all projects.  Use of these standards insures continuity in design, shorter project cycles, lower implementation costs, more complete plant integration and utilization of distributed functionality, and lower life-cycle costs.

Although it is recognized that all units are different in design it is from these standard subgroups that IDS implements a control system that meets a specific plant’s design and operating requirements as well as all the recommendations of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Our BMS designs are based on the following subsystems:

  • Purge Control

  • Master Fuel Trips and First-Outs

  • Igniter fuel trips and First-Outs

  • Furnace firing permissives

  • Igniter trip valve control

  • Igniter prelight

  • Mill start and stop sequences

  • Igniter logic control

  • PA flow control

  • Burner shutoff damper control

  • Pulverizer control

  • Feeder control

  • Air damper control

  • Mill trips and First-Outs

  • Strict compliance with NFPA 8502



Balance of Plant

We have the capabilities to design and implement control and monitoring systems for those processes that fall outside the generation of steam and electricity. These systems include:

  • Motor Control Systems

  • Station Electrical Systems

  • Generator Synchronization

  • Sootblowing Systems

  • Environmental Systems:

    • Waste Water Treatment Systems (WWT)

    • Baghouse – Fabric Filter Systems

    • Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems (SCR)

    • Scrubber Systems (FGD)

    • Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS)



Application Development

We offer custom application development for various aspects of process control systems.

  • Graphics – Operator Interfaces

  • Turbine Control Interfaces

  • 3rd Party Interfaces

  • Alarm Management

  • Energy Management and SCADA

  • Performance Calculations Systems

  • Reports and Logs

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