Hardware Engineering

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Many of our projects require us to supply DCS equipment, 3rd Party hardware and software, and other devices in order to provide a turn-key project. IDS has the resources and capacities to provide a complete project at completive pricing. Our resources can search the market to find obsolete equipment to keep your systems running or research the ever changing technology marketplace to find and recommend State-of-the-Art equipment.


Wiring Design

Our staff has extensive experience in designing the wiring interface to DCS projects. Whether it be a marshaling design to interface to field wiring or laying our new wring to land directly to the DCS equipment, IDS has the experience and capabilities to meet your needs. Our electrical engineers will insure that our wiring designs meet your specifications and code requirements.


I/O Partitioning

Keeping your process safe and running is our number one goal with redundancy built into every aspect of your control system.  Partitioning the I/O of redundant field equipment is critical in preventing a single point of failure. Our control system experts will ensure your I/O is partitioned based on your project needs.


Database Management

Project databases are the core of control system design.  The development and maintenance of these project databases provide a central point for control logic design, wiring design, system checkout, and documentation.  Our control system experts have refined our database management process with years of proven project success.

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