IDS Ladder Viewer is a powerful tool designed to enhance searching, viewing, and printing of ladder logic programs written for the Honeywell® Logic Manager® (LM) platform. This program provides a read-only view of LM data files, and aims to increase engineer productivity while working with ladder data.


  • Shows multiple ladder rungs on the screen at a time
    Viewing multiple rungs makes it easier to understand ladder logic, reducing engineer and developer effort.

  • Searches easily through all ladder information
    Users can perform fast searches through thousands of rungs of data, highlighting matching lines and addresses.

  • Organizes ladder information in a familiar interface
    Groups addresses, skip blocks, line comments, and function blocks in a easy to use navigation panel.

  • Prints ladder rungs to a Windows printer
    Graphical documentation can be printed to an XPS or PDF printer for documentation.

Ladder Viewer Example (click image)







Free Download Available:

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