Control System IT Support

In today’s connected industrial age, every company has an IT (Information Technology) group, but rarely do they understand the specific needs of control system networks. IDS can help your plant maintain a reliable and available control system network.

Properly configuring network devices is a foundation for a stable and reliable network. At IDS, we can help keep your critical assets operating and running smoothly by inspecting, installing, configuring, and maintaining control system networks.

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Modern Control Systems

We can assist with installing and maintaining your network machines

IIoT and Honeywell Pulse

IDS supports cloud control system integration using Honeywell Pulse

AntiVirus Management

We install, maintain, and update antivirus systems

Workstations, Servers, and Domain Controllers

Nearly all modern control systems run on Microsoft and other proprietary platforms. Supporting and maintaining these systems can be an arduous task, to say the least. We can assist with installing and maintaining your network machines.

Historian Integration

Historians are a common gateway to IIoT devices. We at IDS support historian installation, configuration and management with Honeywell PHD, and have experience with PI, Aspen, and other historians.


IIoT and Honeywell Pulse

We also support cloud control system integration using Honeywell Pulse, which allows operations, technicians, and management to be track process and equipment upsets and view them efficiently from their cell phones and other mobile devices.

Antivirus Management

We install and maintain antivirus systems, including McAfee Virus Scan and Symantec Endpoint Protection. We ensure their configuration matches established vendor guidelines, and provide virus definition update services.

Patch Management

All windows systems undergo regular patching, and we can provide patch management services for not only Microsoft Windows Updates, but also vendor control system updates as well.