IDS Implements High-Fidelity Operator Training Simulator for Once Through Boiler Using Honeywell UniSim System

A large power generating station was looking for a training simulator to provide a realistic training experience for the plant’s operations staff. They needed a high-fidelity simulator that used Honeywell’s Experion control system as a front end, mimicking the same experience an operator has from the plant’s main control room.  

Chemical Manufacturer Modernizes HPM Equipment using Honeywell Experion PKS with Plant-Wide I/O Replacement Project

Facing the challenges of an aging Honeywell TDC 3000 control system, a large chemical manufacturing plant decided it was time to upgrade their DCS to Honeywell Experion.

Chemical Company Enhances Aux Boiler Efficiency with Improved Combustion Controls and Tuning

A chemical plant that runs several large auxiliary boilers needed to improve the efficiency of their forced-draft (FD) fans and reduce energy use. To do this, they needed an engineering firm to modify the Aux Boiler’s control algorithms to properly handle the new VFDs.

Modernizing a Honeywell TDC 3000 Infrastructure with Honeywell's World-Class Experion PKS Control System

A large power generating utility came to IDS for assistance migrating their obsolete TDC 3000 control system to a new Honeywell Experion system. Plant personnel wanted to extend the life of their control system, improve troubleshooting and increase system reliability. 

IDS Conducts Control System Engineering Study for Power Generating Station

Legacy control system components can lead to failures, unplanned outages, and even long-term shutdowns due to ineffective or inoperable equipment.  A large power company contracted IDS to provide a detailed engineering study to evaluate the obsolescence and longevity of the plant’s control system.

Midwest Coal Power Plant Integrates Generation Control and Switchyard Data with DCS controls Using Experion SCADA DNP Serial Interface

A Midwest Generating company selected control systems integrator Industrial Design Solutions to upgrade the plant’s existing Automatic Dispatch System and Data interface of Switchyard Data.

Utility Contracts IDS for Custom Engineering and Instrumentation Technician Training Program

Many utilities are experiencing employee turnover as aging technicians begins to retire, replaced with new and inexperienced recruits. These electricians need to become familiar with the inner workings of the DCS platform they will be supporting, to effectively troubleshoot and repair the instrumentation they support.  

IDS Contracted to Improve Frequency Response for Texas Power Plant

The plant selected Industrial Design Solutions, a control system design firm based out of Phoenix, Arizona, to review the existing Honeywell combustion control and GE turbine control coordination. The response of the turbine governor was fighting with the coordinated front end. Several changes were made to the coordinated front end, including changes to the frequency response logic and droop curve. IDS installed several modifications online.

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