IDS has the technological expertise to provide industry-standard software solutions. We specialize in supporting security products such as firewalls, routers, and update services. We can provide detailed evaluations of control systems and their interoperability with NERC Cyber Security standards. We have developed in-house multiple plant and control simulations for testing and training purposes. And we also design, implement, and maintain custom software tools for control systems. Contact us today for more details of these and other engineering solutions.


Network Security

As the Network Security industry continues expanding, IDS will help you wade through the myriads of technological choices out there to help make wise choices on network security equipment. Plant managers, engineers, and technicians are constantly flooded with the latest-and-greatest, but what really applies to your control system? How can you stay protected in the midst of threats such as Stuxnet, Slammer, and who knows what else? We are here to help.

  • What equipment should you use for border gateway security?

  • How should you manage the complex and ever changing world of system malware protection?

  • Which software patch management strategies are critical, and which are less important?

We’ve got experts on hand that can help you answer these questions and more. Contact us for more information on our network security consultants and what you can do to protect your systems from increasingly dangerous electronic threats.

Our expertise with security equipment includes vendors such as:

  • Cisco

  • SonicWall

  • Symantec



NERC CIP Compliance

Nearly all power generating facilities in North America have been affected by the reliability and security standards created by the NERC. We can perform checks of your control system components to help you prepare for compliance auditing, and evaluate your readiness for changes in CIP standards. Our engineers and consultants are here to help you cope with the pressure you are under to provide detailed reporting measures of both physical and electronic assets.

Services include:

  • Spot checks for compliance readiness

  • Guidance with analyzing DCS products for policy compliance

All our projects are designed with security best practices in mind, and we aim to assist you in fulfilling your compliance objectives. We want to build confidence and trust in you as your preferred control systems integration specialist.


Simulation Systems

At IDS, we’re dedicated to providing you with quality solutions to your process control problems. That’s why we spend a great deal of time on simulations for every project. We have the capabilities to simulate process equipment, which allows us to test functions of programmed control logic for accuracy and completeness. In addition, we regularly simulate underlying mechanical and physical processes to aid with process control design and improvement. Whether your project needs a complex boiler simulation or a simple tail-to-mouth simulation, we’ve got the resources you’ll need.

Here are some examples of simulations we’ve developed in the past:

  • Complete boiler, turbine, and aux control system simulations

  • Plant simulations using Honeywell HPM equipment

  • Tail-to-mouth, digital, advanced OPC, and flow-based simulations using in-house simulation tools



Tools Development

IDS has the capability to develop custom programs solving complex process control problems. We can produce large-scale C#/VB.NET applications, web data mining programs, or even simple database comparison tools using Microsoft Access. Our goal is to completely support your control system needs using both commercial software, and productivity tools that give you more bang for your buck.

Here are some examples of custom tools we’ve developed for customers:

  • Unit heat rate reporting project for Tristate

  • Process alarm event reporting project for Tristate

  • USGS river level monitoring and control project for GenOn

  • SAMA templates for Honeywell’s Control Builder platform

  • Productivity tools for engineers using Honeywell’s Control Builder platform

  • Ladder logic tools for viewing Honeywell Logic Manager files

  • Database manipulation tools for Honeywell EB files

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